Introduction to the Open Vault Challenge


Open Vault Challenge

Your mission is simple: open the vault and enjoy its content. The vault is located in the hall at CRI and is secured by a 4 digit code.

To help you out, I will publicly demonstrate how to open the vault. Everybody will be able to watch me enter the code and from as close as desired. And yes, you are even allowed to film me.


I will release videos of me typing the code on this forum for every participants to see.

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In the spirit of CRI and to increase your chances, we encourage you to work in teams and share your wins broadly.

Post analysis

Once the code is cracked and the vault is opened, I will release an explanation of how to arrive to the solution as well as an online demo to be able to experiment with the interface.

Learn from these and don’t give up, several levels of increasing complexity are planned.

Levels released so far