Open Vault Challenge - Level 1


Open Vault Challenge: Level 1

Challenge reminder :

This level introduces the open vault challenge to CRI and is the first public test of the setup.

You shall act quickly! We expect this level to be solved in minutes after the first live demonstration.

Demonstrations videos

In the 3 videos below, I am typing the exact same code into the interface. It is the code of the vault for level 1.

Try it online

If you think you have cracked the code, you can verify it online:




Click here to show an explanation of the level 1. We encourage you to use this as last resort or for confirming your solution.

See the code while you type it

To check your theories, you can visualise the code as you type it here:

Take Home Message

We proceed by elimination.

There is 10 digits possible and after each click of the user we can reduce the number of possible digit by following the reasoning: “if the user presses the yellow button, then the digit s/he is typing is among the yellow coloured digits” (idem for grey).


Old version below