Open Vault Challenge - Level 2


Open Vault Challenge: Level 2

Challenge reminder :

Be sure you understand level 1 first. The problem and its solution are posted here:

Demonstrations videos

In the 3 videos below, I am typing the exact same code into the interface. It is the code of the vault for level 2.

Try it online

If you think you have cracked the code, you can verify it online:




Make sure you understand level 1 first:

Click to show the explanation of level 2. We encourage you to reveal the solution only as last resort or for confirming your solution.

Take Home Message

What you see it not always what it is.

The meaning of each button is linked to their position (left or right) and not to their colours (yellow or gray). The colour of the buttons are arbitrarily swapped after every click. To enter the code, we do not need to look at the colours of the button to choose where to click.

To solve this level, you were expected to make hypotheses about the meaning of the buttons (colours, positions, etc), and check each hypothesis against the videos provided.

Check you got it

You can train by visualising the code as you type it here: