Open Vault Challenge - Level 4


Open Vault Challenge: Level 4

Challenge reminder :

Be sure you understand all previous levels before attempting this one: level 1, level 2, and level 3.

Keep the following in mind before starting:

  • The principle for typing a code is always the same: the user clicks on the button that is the same colour as the current digit s/he wants to type. The machine then proceed by elimination to identify the digit the user wants to type.
  • The user decides what the colour/meaning of each button is. For example, on level 2 the left button means “yellow” and the right button means “gray”, irrespectively of the actual colour displayed on the button that kept changing. On level 3, there are 9 buttons that were initially all black but their colour appeared progressively but were not predefined.

In this level 4, we do not show any colour. How can you find out the code?

Demonstrations videos

In the 3 videos below, I am typing the exact same code into the interface. It is the code of the vault for level 4.

Try it online

If you think you have cracked the code, you can verify it online:


unlisted #3

listed #4